Talking About Gaucher Disease

Chronic illnesses such as Gaucher disease pose many challenges. For adults, it may be frustrating not to be able to participate in certain activities or to make certain lifestyle choices. Similarly, parents of a child with Gaucher disease may feel helpless and uncertain about their child's future.

While it's true that Gaucher disease will likely be a lifelong challenge, there are ways that may enable you to gain some control. You should consider becoming an active participant in your care and work with your doctor, your employer, or your child’s teacher to make the choices that are right for you or your child.

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At Work
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Gaucher Cells

Gaucher cells accumulate and displace healthy normal cells in bone marrow and organs such as the liver and spleen. This accumulation causes a host of signs, including skeletal deterioration, anemia, and organ dysfunction.

Gaucher Registry

For more than a decade, the Gaucher Registry has been a global resource to the medical and patient communities, helping to improve outcomes in patients with Gaucher disease. Learn more about participating in the Gaucher Registry »